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Stickybacks in Germany

Stickyback photographs were produced in Germany amongst other countries. We know little about this, but it seems likely that the idea came to Germany via Hungary. Examples from a couple of studios are shown below.

We are most grateful to photo journalist and picture editor Reinhard Krause ( and ) for permission to include here this link: to a pdf file on his site containing an extensive range of images of German Stickybacks. Reinhard has collected these photographs over many years together with other examples of early "fast and small" format commercial photography. Reinhard says "I was fascinated by the aesthetic simplicity, the "imperfections" and the spontaneous appeal of these pictures".

Address: Kirchgasse St
Possible Practitioner: Foto Automatic Union
Operating dates: NK
References: See below photo of a young man in uniform - signboard contains the above name and address. Size 2.2 x 1.8 inches. On reverse in manuscript "Henri Armand Papa"

Portrait of man in uniform from Kirchgasse st

Address : Mönckebergstraße Hamburg
Possible Practitioner: Not currently known, but the studio was called "Gummierter Rücken", (which is the literal translation of "stickybacks")
Operating dates: NK
References: See the image below, reproduced with grateful thanks to Irma Benedetto

Stickyback from Hamburg, image reproduced with the kind permission of Irma Benedetto




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