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Stickybacks in Belgium

Spiridione Grossi, the originator of the Stickyback, told a UK court in May 1913 that he had a business in Brussels. Given his UK interests it would be reasonable to assume that this may have been a stickyback studio - as yet details unknown.

In one of his French patents, Spiridione jointly applied with Belgian national, Alfred Lachmann, who may, or may not have been part of Spiridione's business in Belgium. Alfred Lachmann applied in 1913 for patents in France FR455610A for a window mount for a small photograph on the face of a postcard and in 1912 FR448540A for an electric shutter release for an automatic camera. Grossi appears to have applied in Britain for the same patent in 1913 GB191221533A.

Stickybacks had another purpose in Belgium. The Strabane Chronicle, Saturday 13 September 1913 p5, carried an article "Under three flags" in which an irishman described his travels in Belgium, France and Holland. He said, "I went to the offices of the Belgium State Railway in Regent Street. There I asked for an abonnement for five days. An Abonnement is a season ticket by which you can travel all over Belgium when and where one likes. This costs only 9s 5d with a deposit of 4s, which is refunded on delivery up of the ticket. A small "sticky-back" photo is necessary and is pasted on the ticket to ensure the validity of the possessor".

Below are some found examples from Belgium. We would welcome input from any Belgium photo historians on Belgium stickybacks, particularly relating to Spiridione Grossi's alleged business activities there.

Address: Rue Neuve 50, Bruxelles
Possible Practitioner: not currently known
Operating dates: 1910-20?
References: See example below of two imagers in strip of man in military uniform Width 1.1 inches, height (of the pair) 2.9 inches

French Stickybacks from Rue Neuve 50

Address: 65 Rue Cathedrale, Liege Belgium
Possible Practitioner: not currently known
Operating dates:
References: See below single image of a gentleman with massive curled moustache and bowler hat. Measures 1.1 x 1.6 inches

French stickyback, Rue Cathedrale

Address: not currently known
Possible Practitioner: Photo Belge
Operating dates: 1910-20?
References: See surviving strip below, five sign boards and four images suggest that the strip originally exceeded four images.



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