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Smaller Sizes of Portrait - Photographers in England - North East Region

We have divided England into Geographical Regions in order to keep the page sizes manageable for our listings of stickyback photographers. All the regions are listed here. Within each regional page, practitioners are listed by location alphabetically. If you are looking for a practitioner by name, start with our page "Smaller sizes of portrait - photographers by name"

North East Region, includes: Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham. Locations found in this region to date include: Blyth, Bradford, Darlington, Durham, Halifax, Hartlepool, Hebburn on Tyne, Newcastle on Tyne, Sunderland,


Address: Blyth, Turner Street and Waterloo Road (1914-18) See 7 High Street Birmingham, entry for Crown Studios


Address: not known
Possible practitioner: PIKE, ?, 83 Stratford Road Manchester
Operating dates: 1904
References: The Era - Saturday 17 December 1904 P27."Wanted Sticky Backs on sharing terms in good positions Bradford and Manchester. Applicants must be able to provide everything except room and gas. Room for other novs (sic) on same terms. Pike, 83 Stratford Road Manchester."


Address: 27 George Street Darlington
Possible practitioner: John Grey HARRISON (b.1871 Boston USA)
Operating dates: 1901-04
References: John was a USA born Linotype engineer. Between 1901 and 1904 he also had a small business selling stamp sized portraits by mail order with advertisements such as the following from the North Star (Darlington), Friday 7 February 1902 p1: "Send your portrait and 13 penny stamps and you will receive 12 stamp size photos of the same post free. J.G.Harrison 27 George Street Darlington."


Address: Not currently known
Possible practitioner: Not currently known
Operating dates: 1903
References: Durham County Advertiser - Friday 13 February 1903 p5. Report of Trades' Exhibition in the Drill Hall, Gilesgate, Durham "Stickybacks appear to be in great demand".


Address: 26 Crown Street, Halifax
Possible practitioner: BOULTWOOD, SIDNEY
Operating dates: 1914-15
References: Stickybacks Studio, 26 Crown Street, Halifax , 1914-15. One of Sidney Boultwood's Sticky Back Studios, listed on David Simkin's excellent site on Sussex Photographers at where you will find the full history of Sidney Boultwood (1882-1958) and his family


Address: 41 Northgate Hartlepool
Possible practitioner: DOYLE
Operating dates: 1906
References: Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail Saturday 22 December 1906 p2. "Hallo, Hallo, Hallo. Is my face red? The latest! Call at Doyle's 41 Northgate, Hartlepool, and have your Sticky Back for Christmas. The largest and most up to date stock for XMas and New Year cards. Also a large selection of picture postcards at prices to suit all classes. Call early and inspect for yourselves. Note address 41 Northgate, Hartlepool".


Address: 51 Carr Street, Hebburn-on-Tyne
Possible practitioner: PLATT, ROBERT C. JNR
Operating dates: c. 1911
References: In a discussion about a proposed Photographic Assistants Union, Robert C.Platt Jnr, 51 Carr Street, Hebburn-on-Tyne wrote: "We should not exclude from such a Union the man who starts in a small way on his own account. Personally I am in business on my own account, and I may say I am not turning out 24in x 20in carbons and driving about in my motor-car, but am producing the class of photographs which sell, and by which I have managed to make a living and pay my way for the past few years. I don’t go in for “stickybacks and postcards” for any particular love for that class of business, but simply because I find it easier to keep myself in constant employment and therefore be more certain of a regular wage each week. It only needs a glance at your advertising columns to show what class of work is required from assistants and also I have met several really capable photographers in my time who were glad to turn to a cheaper class of work in order to make a living, not to mention men who run high class establishments in one part of the town and a stickyback shop in another. I am in no way blind to the advantages of a really high class business turning out the best of work and when I get hold of sufficient capital I hope to have a business like that myself. But in the meantime I can’t help noticing the number of photographers who are producing cheaper stuff. These men are not fools, nor yet are they necessarily incapable of doing good work, but they simply realise the necessity of making a living and realise that the most certain way of doing so is to supply goods at a price low enough to be within reach of the surrounding population". British Journal of Photography Sept 15 1911 p712.


Address: 140 Northumberland St, Newcastle on Tyne
Possible practitioner: Electric Studios
Operating dates: c.1907
References: The British Journal of Photography 4 January 1907 p.iv carries an advertisement: "Midgets. Wanted immediately man and wife. Used to quick trade, operate, print, retouch etc. Also young man as assistant . Willing workers only need apply. Send terms, refs and photo to Manager, Electric Studios, 140 Northumberland St Newcastle on Tyne".


Address: Bridge Street Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
Possible practitioner: Not currently identified
Operating dates: 1913
References: Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette - Monday 07 April 1913 p3, "Situations Vacant. Doorman wanted, Sticky Backs, Bridge Street".


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