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Cheap Tin Trade by Audrey Linkman
Appendix 3. Ferrotype Studios in Britain

This list has been compiled only from those photographs or references that have come within my orbit and does not pretend to be complete. I should welcome information about other known practitioners.

Any information about dates {in these brackets} is taken from trade directories, either through direct personal consultation or via the various listings published by the Royal Photographic Society, Historical Group and from Michael Pritchard's A directory of London photographers 1841 - 1908.


H Gates, Union Street, Aberdeen


S D Kruger, 85 Argyle Street, Birkenhead
{Kruger, Simon 85 Argyle St 1881-1884} (See also Liverpool and Warrington)


American Gem Studio, 52 New St, Over Alexander Day's Fine Art Repository, 16 portraits for 1/- Cartes de visite 4/- per doz

J Caddick, 149 Garrison Lane, Birmingham
Caddick's New Victoria Carte de Visite
3 for 1s., Tinted 1s. 3d.
4 for 1s. 3d., .. 1s. 6d.
6 for 1s. 6d., .. 2s. 0d.
Warranted Permanent
Ordinary Cartes de Visite, 5s. per doz.
Best Enamelled ditto 10s.
Have our newly introduced cabinet portrait, for framing, at 2s. 6d.
{Caddick, Joseph 127 Garrison Lane 1881}


C Barton, Blackburn

R Wolstenholme, 4 Preston New Road, Blackburn


E Ash
Nr South Pier, Blackpool
{Edwin Ash listed at South Beach in 1882 and 1887}

S Beverley, 72 Church St, Blackpool
{Beverley listed at 72 Church Street in 1879 and 1882. In 1885 listed at 86 Church St}


Greenhalghs Gem Portraits
27 Bark Street, 153 Market Street, Farnworth
{Peter Greenhalgh listed at 27 Bark Street in 1881 and 1885. In 1887 Fred Procter occupied 27 Bark Street}
{Peter Greenhalgh listed at 153 Market Street, Farnworth in 1888 and at 159 Market Street in 1889}


William Marsden, Sun Buildings, Bradford

Marsden's Photographic Studio
, Sun Buildings, Ive Gate, Bradford
The New American Gems ... Latest Novelty, 9 Portraits for 7½d.

T Taylor, 72 Market Street, Bradford, {Taylor, Thomas 72 Market Street 1881} (See also Halifax)


W H Crinks, 35 Barton Hill Road, Kingsland Road, Bristol
Taken and Finished in a few minutes, 9 for 7½d. 18 for 1s. 3d. 36 for 2s. 6d.


William James Robinson, 217 Bute Road, Cardiff.
Gems, 9 for 7½d; Cameos, 9 for 2s; Cartes, 1 for 1s; 4 for 3s; Cabinets, 2s. each. Taken and Finished while waiting.
(See also Portsmouth)


Holden & Co. 45 Snargate Street, Dover


F Rawnsley, 2 Waterhouse Street, Halifax
{Rawnsley, Frederick is listed at 2 Waterhouse St in directories of 1877, 1881, 1893 and 1894. In 1897 listed at 24 Union Street}

T Taylor, New Buildings, Silver Street, Halifax (See also Bradford)


Frank Dor‚ New Market Chambers, King Street, Huddersfield
9 Correct portraits 7½d, 3 Victorias, 1s. While you wait. Highly finished Cartes de visite 3s per dozen.


John Bell, Victoria Pier, Douglas, Isle of Man

Harrison's American Photographic Saloon, Granville Street, Douglas


F Walton, New Briggate, Leeds
Victoria cartes de visite 3 for 1/0d, 6 for 1/6d. Tinting one penny extra. Finished in a few minutes.
{Walton, Frank 28 New Briggate 1878-1900+, 51A New Briggate 1887-1898} (See also Manchester)


Burrows, 21 & 40 Islington, Liverpool, 46 Gt George Street Liverpool
{Burrows, Henry 21 Islington 1870-1886, 40 Islington 1873-1886} (See also Preston)

C Cockbain, 10 Stanley Buildings, Walton Road, Liverpool
American Gem Photographer Latest Novelty 9 Portraits 7½d
{Cockbain, Chas 10 Walton Road 1878-1884} (See also Wrexham)

T Eyres, Lithographer, 3 King Street, Liverpool, (Possibly only a manufacturer of mounts)

Hinchcliffe's, 102 Cazneau Street, Scotland Road, Liverpool
{Hinchcliffe, Grace 102 - 106 Cazneau St 1880-1884 Hinchcliffes continue to be listed at 106 to 1900+ }

S D Kruger, 139 Park Road, Liverpool, 90 Derby Road, Bootle
{Kruger, Simon 139 Park Road 1880-1896, 90 Derby Road 1875-1881, 1884-1899} (See also Birkenhead and Warrington)


Geo. Melville, 53 Mostyn Street, Llandudno, (See also Manchester and Southport)


72 Fleet Street,

Anglo American Photographic Co, 153 Fleet Street, London E C
3 Doz Gem portraits for 2/6d. In four positions, taken and finished in a few minutes. (See list of multiples)

Brice (?) 15 Finsbury Place North, London E C

Cheapside Ferrotype Gallery, Between The General Post Office and St Pauls Cathedral, 9 for 7½d; 18 for 1/3d; 36 for 2/6d.
9 Gems in Frames or Mounts 1/-.

Estabrooke, 57 Oxford Street, London
From one to eight cards, in different positions, taken at a sitting, finished and delivered in 15 minutes.{No record in directories. Philip Fink, mentioned in the Munby diaries, occupied 57 Oxford Street from 1860-1866, Belton and Reed from 1867-69, William John Belton in 1870 and the New York Studio (James Hurry, proprietor) in 1880}

W Garner, 276 Holloway Road, N
{Garner, William Myles 276 Holloway Road N 1882-1883}

W James, South London Photographic Studio, 899 Wandsworth Road, SW

J G Kirby, 295 Edgware Road, London, W
Prices: 36 Miniature Gems .. .. .. 2s 6d, 4 Card Ferrotypes . .. .. 3s 6d, 1 Cabinet ... .. .. .. .. 2s 6d
Special Notice - Two persons may have the 36 gems divided between them at the rate of 18 for 1s 3d. Four persons 9 for 7½d.
Photographs and Works of Art Accurately Copied. Photography in all its branches.

W B Macy, 440 Edgware Road, 5 Doors from North Street
{Macy, William 440 Edgware Road 1876-1883}

White & Lee, 40 London Road, opposite the South London Palace
{White, Harry 41 London Road SE 1881-1884}


G Allen & Co, 91 & 93 Piccadilly, Manchester
{Thomas Whiteley 91 & 93 Piccadilly 1883-1884}

The American Star Ferrotype Co, Cathedral Steps, Manchester
{ American Star Co Cathedral Steps, Victoria 1881}

R Banks, 73A Market Street, Manchester, 1 Swan Street, Manchester, Rembrandt House, Alexandra Road, Manchester
{Banks, Robert 73A Market Street 1874-1883
1 New Cross 1881-1884
2 Swan Street 1887-1889
80 Alexandra Road 1877-1884
82 Alexandra Road 1884
1881 trade directory lists his addresses at 73A Market Street, 1 New Cross & 80 Alexandra Road}

T R Birks, 105 Market St, Manchester
Birks, Thomas R 105 Market Street 1886-1888}
(See E Ireland, Manchester and G C Melville, Manchester)

J Gardner, 679 Rochdale Road, Res: 555 Collyhurst Road, Manchester
Gardner, James 679 Rochdale Road 1883-1884}

E Ireland, 105 Market Street, Manchester
{Ireland, Edward 105 Market Street 1877-1884}
(See T R Birks, Manchester and G C Melville, Manchester)
E Ireland, 15 Piccadilly, Manchester
{Ireland, Edward 17 Piccadilly 1881-1889}

G C Melville, 105A Market Street, Manchester. (See T R Birks, Manchester and E Ireland, Manchester)

Geo Melville, 102 Market Street, Manchester, 18A Whittle Street, Manchester, 66 Swan Street, Manchester
{Listed in Manchester directories from 1883-1907 at a great variety of addresses but not precisely at those given above}(See also Llandudno and Southport)

Victoria Gem Co, Ducie Chambers, 57 Market Street, Manchester, {1881}

The Victoria Photographic Gem Co, 82 Alexandra Road, Near Liberal Club, Manchester
(See R Banks, Manchester and Victoria Gem Co., Manchester)

Walton, Stretford Road, Manchester. (See also Leeds)


J Maley, Victoria Street, Morecambe


American Photo Co, 72 Commercial Street, Newport, Mon
9 Gems for 7½d. On Cards or Frames 1/-. 3 Victorias for 1/- or 9 for 2/6d


W Richardson, 2A Portland Road, Nottingham, {Richardson, William 2A Portland Road 1879-1893}


William James Robinson, Commercial Road, Portsmouth
Gems, 9 for 7½d; Cameos, 9 for 2s; Cartes, 1 for 1s; 4 for 3s; Cabinets, 2s. each. Taken and Finished while waiting. (See also Cardiff)


Burrows, 132 Church Street, Preston. (See also Liverpool)


Geo Melville, 18 Cambridge Arcade, Southport. (See also Llandudno and Manchester)

J Stott, 79 Lord Street, Southport


J T Clarke, Bridge Road, Stockton on Tees


British American Photo Co, 16 Patmos, Todmorden, and at Halifax, London, and New York
9 Gem Portraits 7½p. Taken and Finished while you wait, by the ... All Kinds of Copying and Enlarging Done. Cartes de Visite, 5s. doz. Club Portraits in Oil, from £1.1s.


C Ridding, 143 Stafford Street, Walsall


S D Kruger, 21 Winwick Street, Warrington. (See also Birkenhead and Liverpool)


Anglo American Photo Gem Portraits, Edward Hill, Darlington Street, 4 Doors from School of Art, Wolverhampton

Anglo American Photo Gem Portraits, Which are taken, finished and delivered in a few minutes. 9 for 9d. Mounted in Cards 1s.
36 in 3 Positions 2s. 6d. Cartes de Visite and every other description of Photographs taken as usual. Morning light being best, please come early


C Cockbain, Bank St Buildings, Hope Street, Wrexham.
Latest Novelty 9 Portraits 7½d (See also Liverpool)


Caddicks American Studio

Calvert Bros

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