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Cheap Tin Trade by Audrey Linkman
Appendix 2 Nineteenth Century Manuals and Publications on the Ferrotype Process

Peter Neff, The Melainotype Process, Complete, Peter Neff, Cincinnati, Ohio (1856).

Edward M. Estabrooke, The Ferrotype and how to make it, Gatchel & Hyatt, Cincinnati (1872).

A.K.P. Trask, Trask's Practical Ferrotyper, Benerman & Wilson, Philadelphia (1872).

The Ferrotypers' Guide, Scovill Manufacturing Co., New York (1873). See: John Werge, The evolution of photography, London (1890), p.137.

W. Heighway, The ferrotype - how it is made. A series of six articles published in The Photographic News between 21 January - 18 March 1881.

1885. A handbook of the process was obtainable from Elliott of 36 Jewin Street; or the Stores, of 43 Charterhouse Square. See: To Correspondents, The Photographic News, Vol. 29 no. 1407 (21 August 1885), p.544.

H. Snowden Ward, The Practical Ferrotyper, Percy Lund & Co. (1890). Second in the "Practical Photographer Library" Series.

Henry Gauthier Villars, Manuel de Ferrotypie, Gauthier Villars, Paris (1891). See: The Photographic News, Vol. 35 no. 1729 (23 October 1891), p.742.

J. Fallowfield (publisher). As the largest suppliers of ferrotype equipment and materials from the 1880s Fallowfields provided instructions on the process. These were variously described in the trade press as a description in the catalogue or Photographic Annual (1891); a book on the process (1892); a little handbook (1893); a manual entitled "How to make Ferrotypes"(1894); "How to make Ferrotypes and Glass Positives" (1902).

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