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Smaller Sizes of Portrait - Photographers in England - Yorkshire and Humberside Region

We have divided England into Geographical Regions in order to keep the page sizes manageable for our listings of stickyback photographers. All the regions are listed here. Within each regional page, practitioners are listed by location alphabetically. If you are looking for a practitioner by name, start with our page "Smaller sizes of portrait photographers by name"

Yorkshire and the Humber Region, includes: South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire. Locations included so far include: Bradford, Halifax and Leeds,


Address: not known
Possible practitioner: PIKE, ?, 83 Stratford Road Manchester
Operating dates: 1904
References: The Era - Saturday 17 December 1904 P27."Wanted Sticky Backs on sharing terms in good positions Bradford and Manchester. Applicants must be able to provide everything except room and gas. Room for other novs (sic) on same terms. Pike, 83 Stratford Road Manchester."


Address: 26 Crown Street, Halifax
Possible practitioner: BOULTWOOD, SIDNEY
Operating dates: 1914-15
References: Stickybacks Studio, 26 Crown Street, Halifax , 1914-15. One of Sidney Boultwood's Sticky Back Studios, listed on David Simkin's excellent site on Sussex Photographers at where you will find the full history of Sidney Boultwood (1882-1958) and his family

Address: 12 Waterhouse Street, Halifax
Possible Practitioner: MURRELL, Henry
Operating dates: late 1890s to 1927 at least
References: See below, portrait of unknown young woman. The image size is 0.9 x 1.2 inches, pasted onto a white card mount embossed with foliage. The image appears to be from the late 1890s / early 1900s. The mount has been roughly cut down to 1.4 x 2.3 inches, presumably to fit into an album or frame. The RPS Supplement on Professional Photographers in Halifax and Huddersfield 1843-1900 has no Murrell listed. It does however list for this same address, Edward Gregson and Son, photographers, 12 Waterhouse St, Halifax, from 1887 - 1894. Henry Murrell appears in the 1927 Kelly's Directory as a photographer at 12 Waterhouse Street, Halifax.

Portrait of unknown lady by H Murrell, Halifax


Address: 23 Park Row, Leeds
Possible practitioner: Not currently known
Operating dates: 1905
References: Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - Saturday 28 January 1905 p5. "PHOTOGRAPHY. Sticky Backs a speciality. Wanted partner, working or sleeping. Capital not less than £50 to work all leading provincial towns: safe income: none but business men open to start at once need apply. Address Photo, 23 Park Row, Leeds".

Address: 83 Briggate Leeds
Possible practitioner: Not currently known
Operating dates: c. 1910
References: Next is a postcard print of an unknown lady in a shoulder width brimmed hat, c.1910. The number 321 is intruding into the mid right of the image. This is by the Sticky Back Studio, Market Street Manchester and at 83 Briggate, Leeds. They use an SB monogram in a scroll design.

Sticky Back Studio Manchester postcard Reverse of Sticky Back Studio Manchester postcard

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