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Smaller Sizes of Portrait - Photographers in England - Yorkshire and Humberside Region

We have divided England into Geographical Regions in order to keep the page sizes manageable for our listings of stickyback photographers. All the regions are listed here. Within each regional page, practitioners are listed by location alphabetically. If you are looking for a practitioner by name, start with our page "Smaller sizes of portrait photographers by name"

Yorkshire and the Humber Region, includes: South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire. Locations included so far include: Bradford, Halifax, Hull and Leeds, Scarborough


Address: not known
Possible practitioner: PIKE, ?, 83 Stratford Road Manchester
Operating dates: 1904
References: The Era - Saturday 17 December 1904 P27."Wanted Sticky Backs on sharing terms in good positions Bradford and Manchester. Applicants must be able to provide everything except room and gas. Room for other novs (sic) on same terms. Pike, 83 Stratford Road Manchester."

Address: 1 Hallfield Arcade, Manningham Lane, Bradford in 1912; 53 Manningham Lane, Bradford, Yorkshire, (1917-1922)
Possible practitioner: TAYLOR, Benjamin Sandford (1881-1958)
Operating dates: 1907-1939
References and information: Benjamin Sandford Taylor was the son of Jesse Taylor, a boot maker, later a farmer and boot maker. In 1901 Benjamin was living with his half brother, Edwin Hamnett Taylor, and his family. His brother was a grocer and provision dealer and Benjamin was shown with the same occupation, possibly working for his older sibling. A few years later, at the time of his marriage in 1907, Benjamin's occupation was shown as a photographer. Benjamin would appear to have been something of an entrepreneur, actively involved with a number of firms in his own and different names. Benjamin appears in the Bradford PO Directory of 1912 in an entry for a photographer by the name of Hamnet, at 1 Hallfield Arcade, Manningham Lane. After the entry the name "B.S.Taylor" appears in brackets, suggesting that he was the manager or operator of the studio. Research so far has failed to show who was behind the studio with the rather unusual name of Hamnett. But, the maiden name of the first wife of Benjamin's father (i.e. Benjamin's step mother) was Hamnett, and this was also the second given name of two of his half brothers. This might suggest that Benjamin either joined a relative's business, or possibly that he had his own business to which he gave a familiar name. Either way, the Hamnett business operated from more than one location and its addresses included: 197 Bristol Street Birmingham, (1904-21, between 1904-12 named 'Hamnett Photographers', then 1913-21 'Hamnett Ltd photographers'); Infirmary Street Bradford; 2 Newport Street Bolton (Hamnett and Co), 45 Market Street Colne 1908 (Hamnett). Benjamin's name crops up in association with another photographic business, that of Benjamin Stanford Ltd. As this name comprises Benjamin's two given names, it seems likely that this was his company. This is confirmed by two entries in The Gazette in 1909 and 1916 when the company went into voluntary liquidation. These showed B.S.Taylor as the Chairman and liquidator and the two notices also included his addresses: 1 Hallfield Arcade (1909) and 53, Manningham Lane Bradford (1916). Surviving cabinet photographs produced by Benjamin Stanford show the following addresses printed on the reverse of the mount:
Head Office and Finishing Works 1 Hallfield Arcade, Manningham Lane, Bradford
28 King Cross Street, Halifax
17 Hanover Lane off Park Lane, Leeds
The Walk Chambers, Rochdale
Arcade Studio Kirkgate Wakefield
Borough Chambers St Petersgate Stockport
133 High Street Stockton on Tees
45 Market Street Colne
Later directory entries for 1917 and 1922 show Benjamin operating as a photographer in his own full name at 53 Manningham Lane, Bradford. In the 1939 Register, Benjamin was at 118 Manningham Lane Bradford, occupation "photographer and photo dealer". When he died in 1958 his address was I Ashbourne Gardens, Bolton, Bradford.

Benjamin had developed a very inexpensive line in portraiture as shown by the example below. This photograph, probably from the 1920s, measuring 43 x 84mm, is a full length portrait of an unknown teenage girl standing by a rustic wooden three-legged table. On the reverse is part of a postcard back with the photographer's name along the centre "B.Sandford Taylor, 53 Manningham Lane, Bradford". This shows that the photograph was printed "three-up" on postcard stock then cut into three by the customer. This photograph is reproduced with the kind permission of Ron Cosens The customised postcard stock suggests that Benjamin probably also produced portraits in postcard format or produced real photograph postcards of other subjects.
A and G Taylor, the largest photographers in England at the time, had a studio at Manningham Lane 1881-1912, but there does not seem to be any connection with B.S.Taylor.
Professional Photographers in Bradford 1843 - 1900 Supplement to Photo Historian by KIP Adamson ARPS
The London Gazette, 18 June 1909 Issue: 28261 Page: 4705.
The London Gazette, 25 August 1916 Issue: 29723 Page: 8423

Portrait on postcard stock, permission of Ron Cosenc,


Address: 151 Westgate Bradford, Yorkshire See Richard Parker Estabrooke and the Anglo American Photographic Co Fleet Street London.


Address: 26 Crown Street, Halifax
Possible practitioner: BOULTWOOD, SIDNEY
Operating dates: 1914-15
References: Stickybacks Studio, 26 Crown Street, Halifax , 1914-15. One of Sidney Boultwood's Sticky Back Studios, listed on David Simkin's excellent site on Sussex Photographers at where you will find the full history of Sidney Boultwood (1882-1958) and his family

Address: 12 Waterhouse Street, Halifax
Possible Practitioner: MURRELL, Henry
Operating dates: late 1890s to 1927 at least
References: See below, portrait of unknown young woman. The image size is 0.9 x 1.2 inches, pasted onto a white card mount embossed with foliage. The image appears to be from the late 1890s / early 1900s. The mount has been roughly cut down to 1.4 x 2.3 inches, presumably to fit into an album or frame. Below this is a stamp sized portrait of an unknown young man in a suit and eton collar, mounted on a white card mount embossed with a botanic pattern and in the lower right hand corner is the text "H Murrell, 12 Waterhouse St, Halifax". The mount measures 2.3 x 3.1 inches and the reverse is blank. This probably dates from around 1910. The RPS Supplement on Professional Photographers in Halifax and Huddersfield 1843-1900 has no Murrell listed. It does however list for this same address, Edward Gregson and Son, photographers, 12 Waterhouse St, Halifax, from 1887 - 1894. Henry Murrell appears in the 1927 Kelly's Directory as a photographer at 12 Waterhouse Street, Halifax.

Portrait of unknown lady by H Murrell, Halifax

stamp sized photo in midget mount by H.Murrell, Halifax

Address: 2 Waterhouse St, Halifax. Other addresses 8 Grosvenor Terrace Halifax 1891, 45 Hare St Halifax 1901, 123 Parkinson Lane Halifax 1904, 25 Holly Grove, Halifax 1911
Possible Practitioner: WILD, Arthur Vincent. (1852-1916)
Operating dates 1899-1912
References: See below mounted photograph of an unknown young woman is large feathered hat, c.1910. The stamp-sized photograph measures 1.1 x 0.8 inches. The mount measures 2.3 x 3.1 inches. The white mount has an embossed floral border. Impressed beneath the image is "A.Vincent Wild Hx" - this impressed text is part of the manufacture of the mount and is not made by a hand embossing machine. The photograph is simply stuck onto the face of the mount; the reverse of the mount is blank. Arthur Vincent Wild is listed by Keith Adamson in his "Halifax Photographers 1843 to 1900" as operating at 2 Waterhouse Street, Halifax, 1899-1912. Arthur was shown in the 1891 census as a self employed carver and gilder at 8 Grosvenor Terrace, Halifax, living with his wife Lily, sons William Carey Wild and Wallace Wild and daughter Millicent Wild. In 1901 the family were at 45 Hare Street and Arthur was a photographer and an employer; his son, Wallace, was a photographer's assistant. In 1911 the family was at 25 Holly Grove Halifax. Arthur was still a photographer and an employer, but his son Wallace had become an insurance agent. Arthur submitted 5 of his views of Halifax to Stationers Hall for copyright purposes in January 1904 and his address was then shown as 123 Parkinson Lane Halifax (TNA Copy 1/469/220-224). It would appear that Arthur was an artist as well as a photographer, providing high-end portraits as well as affordable midget photos. In 1905, funded by public subscription, he painted a portrait of the late Mr William Greenwood, a leading spiritualist. The Todmorden and District News 15 Sept 1905 p2 reported: "painting a picture the deceased gentleman was placed in the hands of Mr. A. Vincent Wild, Halifax, who has faithfully portrayed lifelike features, and these have been enclosed in a massive gilt frame, which bears the following inscription; William Greenwood. Presented the Sowerby-bridge Lyceum by his colleagues the Spiritualist National Union, in memory of one who loved and served his followers well."

portrait of unknown young woman by A.Vincent Wild, Halifax


Address: 29 Prospect Street, Hull
Possible Practitioner:
Operating dates:
References: The British Journal of Photography 7 December 1906, p.ii carries an advertisement: "Midgets. Wanted young married couple for management. Able to re-touch, spot, operate, print etc. Also young man as general assistant. Only those used to the business required. Photo specimens, refs to Manager, 29 Prospect Street, Hull."


Address: 23 Park Row, Leeds
Possible practitioner: Not currently known
Operating dates: 1905
References: Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - Saturday 28 January 1905 p5. "PHOTOGRAPHY. Sticky Backs a speciality. Wanted partner, working or sleeping. Capital not less than £50 to work all leading provincial towns: safe income: none but business men open to start at once need apply. Address Photo, 23 Park Row, Leeds".

Address: 83 Briggate Leeds
Possible practitioner: Not currently known
Operating dates: c. 1910
References: Next is a postcard print of an unknown lady in a shoulder width brimmed hat, c.1910. The number 321 is intruding into the mid right of the image. This is by the Sticky Back Studio, Market Street Manchester and at 83 Briggate, Leeds. They use an SB monogram in a scroll design.

Sticky Back Studio Manchester postcard Reverse of Sticky Back Studio Manchester postcard

Address: 28A and 30 Queens Arcade, Briggate, Leeds
Possible practitioner: Flashette Co. Individuals behind the company not currently known
Operating dates: 1905-20
Information and references: Directory entries can be found for the firm at the above address in 1905 and 1920. The Yorkshire Evening Post, Monday 14 September 1908 p5 includes two photographs from this studio of the victim and offender in a murder /suicide case. The photograph below of an unknown lady with fob watch measures 29 x 37mm. It is one of a vertical strip of prints. A job no L9051 is visible in shot and the customer has cut the strip in such a way that this image has the job number at the top and the bottom. Reproduced with the kind permission of Ron Cosens, The RPS listing "Professional photographers in Leeds 1842-1900" by Adamson and Budge lists Alan Nield photographer at 23 Queens Arcade 1892-1900+ which may possibly have been the same studio under different occupancy.

Stickyback by Flashette, Leeds, with the permission of Ron Cosens


Address: Westborough Scarborough
Possible Practitioner: Not currently known
Operating dates: c.1905-14
References and further information: The stickyback photograph below is of an unknown teenage girl. This is part of a strip of prints, possibly in a horizontal strip. The photograph measures 30 x 41 mm. The signboard at the top of the image has what is believed to be a partial address, "27 Westboro" and a negative number "126". Scarborough is perhaps the most likely town, with "Westborough" a prominent address. So far research has failed to establish anything further. It is to be hoped that other examples may be found with additional information. This image is reproduced with the kind permission of Ron Cosens .

Stickyback photo from Westboro, Ron Cosens www.cartedevisite is a non-commercial web site for local and family historians, exploring smaller sized portrait photographs and those who worked in this trade.
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