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Smaller Sizes of Portrait - Photographers in England - North West Region

We have divided England into Geographical Regions in order to keep the page sizes manageable for our listings of stickyback photographers. All the regions are listed here. Within each regional page, practitioners are listed by location alphabetically. If you are looking for a practitioner by name, start with our page "Smaller sizes of portrait - photographers by name"

North West Region, includes: Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cumbria, Isle of Man (But we have included IOM under "Rest of the world"). Locations covered on this page so far: Birkenhead. Blackpool, Bolton, Burnley, Heywood, Liverpool, Manchester, Morecambs, Preston, Southport, Wigan.


Address: 39 Grange Road West, Birkenhead
Possible practitioner: GROSSI, STELLA
Operating dates: 1914
References: Liverpool Echo - Wednesday 09 December 1914 p6, "Man, middle aged, understanding bromide printing and developing 25/- and commission. Call Friday, Sticky Backs, 39 Grange Road West, Birkenhead." According to the 1914 Kelly's directory of Cheshire, 39 Grange Road West was occupied by photographer Stella Grossi, the younger sister of Spiridione Grossi. In 1911 Stella was at 77 Paradise Street Liverpool. The 1913 local directory listed Stella as a photographer at 57 Bold Street Liverpool. Later she married William Henry Huish and set up a studio in Morecambe. We have more here on our site on Stella Grossi.


Address: 64 Waterloo Rd, South Shore, Blackpool.
Possible practitioner: WORLD'S PHOTO CO, names of proprietors not currently known.
Operating dates: 1906
References: The Era - Saturday 04 August 1906 p27."Wanted. Quick operator and finisher for StickyBack photos. No learners need apply. Reference and full particulars to the manager, Worlds' Photo Co, 64 Waterloo Rd, South Shore, Blackpool."

Address: Blackpool, Preston, Bolton, Manchester, St Helens, St Annes, Liverpool, Nottingham(see detailed list below).
Possible practitioner: FRED ASH. (Frederic Joseph ASH) b.Mansfield Notts 1861 d Bournemouth 1929
Operating dates: 1880s to 1940
References: See below, a tiny portrait of a lady in a straw boater hat. The image measures 1 x 0.8 inches on a white card mount 2.1 x 2.9 inches, on the face of which is printed in gilt a rectangular frame with embellishments and along the bottom "Fred. Ash. Blackpool, Preston, Bolton and Manchester". The reverse is blank. Frederic Joseph Ash 1861-1929 was the son of Nottinghamshire photographer Edwin Ash (1834-1892). Gillian Jones in her "Lancashire Professional Photographers 1840-1940" lists Fred Ash at the addresses and on the dates shown: below. The 1901 and 1911 census returns show his residence at 22 Raikes Parade, Blackpool. Moving into the stickybacks and postcards field early in the 20th Century may have been good for business. We know that Fred employed doormen at his studios in 1903 - as one of them, William Jennings Cookson, having been dismissed for drunkenness, was in court for assault (Lancs Evening Post 22 June 1903 p4). We also know that in 1906 Fred was advertising to take over other premises for his photographic business in Blackburn, Derby and Leigh. He was also in 1907 advertising for staff at a studio at 20 Long Row, Nottingham (Notts Evening Post 30 Nov 1907 p7 and by 1912 had a studio at Greyhound Street, Nottingham (which may actually have been the same premises). At the time of his death Frederic was living at Kumara, Lytham Road, South Shore, Blackpool. He died on new years day at a hotel in Bournemouth, his estate was worth over £41,000. (£2.6 m in today's money). His second wife, Beatrice Greenwood Hamer (1889-1964) may have run the business briefly after his death in 1929 (there are entries for Mrs Fred Ash in Manchester directories in 1932/3). However, by 1939 she had remarried and no longer seemed to be connected to the business.

1887-1892 16 George Street, St Helens
1889 South Beach Blackpool
1890-1932 6 Wellington Terrace Promenade, Blackpool
1895 3 Orchard Rd St Annes
1898-1901 91B Fishergate Preston
1899-1907 Larkhill House, 160 St Georges Rd, Bolton
1899-1915 40 King Street, Manchester
1901- 1907 2/4 Regent Square, Blackpool
1904 Central Beach, Blackpool
1904 20 Raikes Parade, Blackpool
1905-1909 41 Church Street, Blackpool
1913-1914 70A Market Street, Manchester
1915-1940 92 Bold Street, Liverpool (directories 1917-1940, but there is an earlier newspaper advert with this address in Oct 1915)
1923-1924 5/7 Wellington Terrace, Blackpool
1924 York Street, Blackpool
1928-1939 10 Corporation Street Manchester
1929 Fieldman's Arcade, Blackpool
1932-1933 Mrs Fred Ash 10 Corporation Street, Manchester.

The photo below appears to be from around 1905 and pre-dates Fred Ash having a presence in Liverpool or Nottingham, so is earlier than 1907.

Portrait be Fred Ash

Address: Foxhall Square Blackpool, also 61 Piccadilly, Manchester
Possible practitioner: W.H.Fellows Electric Studio
Operating dates: 1901-2
References: See entry below for 61 Piccadilly, Manchester

Address: Manchester, South Beach Blackpool, 163 St James' Street, Burnley.
Possible practitioner: Cooper & Sons, H Cooper
Operating dates: c. 1905 - 1909
References: See carte de visite below reproduced with kind permission from the collection of Photo Historian Paul Godfrey. This comprises a serrated edged card mount with smaller than normal photographic image of a young couple and child, size 3.2 x 1.6 inches. Printed on the face of the mount in gilt lettering is "Cooper & Sons, South Beach Blackpool and Manchester". Gillian Jones "Lancashire Professional Photographers 1840-1940" lists no fewer than 28 Coopers, but none in South Beach Blackpool, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact firm. The Burnley Gazette Saturday 23 December 1905 carries an advertisement "MESSRS. COOPER & SONS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, from BLACKPOOL, at 163. ST. JAMES’-STEEET, BURNLEY, wish to inform tbo public that they have no connection with any other firm in the town. Nor do th«y employ Photographic Canvassers or out-door Operators who are going round representing themselves to be connected with us. All our Business is done at the above address by H. COOPER, where we are NOW SHOWING all the LATEST DESIGNS in PHOTO XMAS NOVELTIES at very reasonable prices. Already within the last few weeks we have had the pleasure of Photographing thousands of Burnleyites, and have given the greatest satisfaction. Please inspect our Windows." Gillian Jones lists Cooper Bros photographers at this address in 1908-1909, and Cooper Brothers appear in her listing at various addresses in Blackpool from 1904-1939.



Address: Blackpool and Morecambe. North Shore Blackpool 1879-82, Church Street Blackpool 1879-1881, Claremont Rd Blackpool 1882-1892, Regent Rd Blackpool 1885, North Pier Blackpool 1885, South Beach Blackpool 1885-89, Wellington Terrace Blackpool, 1890-1902, Talbot Chambers Blackpool 1895-1913, 2 and 13 Promenade Blackpool,1905, Central Beach, Blackpool 1904-1907, 50 Chapel St Blackpool 1918. Promenade East Morecambe 1899 and Skipton Street Morecambe from 1899 to 1901. Also at 53 Long St Middleton 1890 and Townley St Middleton 1892-1898. Also at 4 Preson New Rd Blackburn 1891.
Possible practitioner: Samuel WOLSTENHOLME (1839-1899)
Operating dates: 1879-1918
References: See below tiny portrait of a lady wearing straw boater and bow tie, on a card mount 57 x 73 mm with flowers, grasses and mosaic design. The photographer's name and address; "S.Wolstenholme, Blackpool and Morecambe" is printed on the face. The studio appears to have done such a rushed job that the image has accidentally been pasted upside down onto the mount. We are most grateful to Ron Cosens ( for permission to use this image from his collection. Gillian Jones in "Lancashire Professional Photographers 1840-1940" lists Samuel Wolstenholme at a series of different addresses in Blackpool from 1879 to 1918. She also lists Samuel at Promenade East Morecambe in 1899 and at Skipton Street Morecambe from 1899 to 1901. This photograph is therefore post 1899, but these mounts could have been in use for some time after the studio left the Morecambe addresses. Samuel died in 1899, but the business was carried on in the same name by a number of his ten children. Many example cartes de visite and cabinet photographs from the Wolstenholme studios survive, showing that the studios turned out top class as well as "cheap work".



Address: 28 Newport Street, Bolton.
Possible practitioner: PLEASALL PHOTO CO, names of proprietors not currently known
Operating dates: 1904
References: Bolton Evening News - Friday 08 January 1904 P3. "Sticky Backs, Pleasall Photo Co, 28 Newport Street, Bolton."

Address: Larkhill House, 160 St Georges Rd, Bolton
Possible practitioner: FRED ASH (Frederic Joseph ASH 1861-1929)
Operating dates: 1899-1907 at this address
References: See the main entry for Fred Ash above


Address: Manchester, South Beach Blackpool, 163 St James' Street, Burnley.
Possible practitioner: Cooper & Sons, H Cooper - see entry under Blackpool above

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Address: Broadfield Studio, Heywood
Possible Practitioner: MAWDSLEY
Operating dates: c.1906
References: Heywood Advertiser Friday 11 May 1906 p1: "Wages are going up all over the town, but the price of Sticky-backs is coming down. 3d a dozen, you will agree, this offer is great. So you'd better hurry up before you're too late. Sticky-backs 3d per doz. Same quality as usual. Mawdsley, Photographer, Broadfield Studio".


Address: 25 Lime Street Liverpool Jan to April 1900 then 77 Paradise Street Liverpool April 1900 to March 1902
Possible practitioner: GROSSI, SPIRIDIONE, trading as Grossigraph Copying Co
Operating dates: 1900-1902
References: 25 Lime Street Liverpool was, from 25 January 1900 the earliest address for Grossigraph, a photo copying company run by Spiridione Grossi, offering stamp sized photographs. The address changed to 77 Paradise Street Liverpool by 20 April 1900 and the firm advertised in many local newspapers until March 1902. From April 1901 Grossigraph advertisements used the phrase "The Isle of Man visitors say They've all got Sticky Backs".

Address: 107a Bold Street Liverpool
Possible practitioner: GROSSI, SPIRIDIONE
Operating dates: 1907-08
References: Local directories show Spiridione Grossi was a photographer at 107a Bold Street Liverpool 1907-08. This address was, in 1902, “The American Studios” with addresses that year at 107a & 120a Bold Street Liverpool and at Conway Street Birkenhead. It is not known whether Spiridione only took over the 107A Bold Street address in Liverpool, or whether he bought into the American Studio with its multiple addresses. (we are grateful to Irene Geels who has a 1902 print of one of her ancestors from The American Studios, the mount of which bears these three addresses.)

Address: 62A Bold Street 1903-4 and at 175a London Road 1895-1913
Possible practitioner: CUBBIN, WILLIAM COTTIER
Operating dates: 1895-1913
References: The stickyback photograph below, found in a card mount 31/2 by 2 5/8 inches with oval cut out bearing the words "The Peveril and Regent Studios". What follows is at the moment a working hypothesis only. The only place where the name "Peveril Studio" has been found in on the Isle of Man, where there was a Peveril Studio on Victoria Pier, operated by William Cottier Cubbin. Cubbin was also a photographer in Liverpool at 62A Bold Street 1903-4 and at 175a London Road 1895-1913. He later became a theatrical manager. (Lancashire Professional Photographers 1840-1940 by Gillian Jones and Isle of Man photographers A photograph in an identical mount can be found in the Manchester Regiment Archives, which suggests that this firm was located somewhere in the NW.

Photo from Peveril and Regent Studios

Address: 77 Paradise Street Liverpool
Possible practitioner: GROSSI, STELLA
Operating dates: 1911
References: In 1911 the Grossi family was resident at 77 Paradise Street. Family members included Stella Grossi, b.1884, Liverpool, a photographer and an employer. Spiridione Grossi also used this family address from time to time until his death in 1921.

Address: 7 Lime Street Liverpool
Possible Practitioner: The American Galleries
Operating Dates: Produced stickyback type photos which it described as "American Midgets" This firm also had studios in Manchester, Chester, Birkenhead, Glasgow, Rhyl, Douglas Isle of Man
References: See the entry on American Midgets on our page on sub carte de visite formats

American Midget

Address: 92 Bold Street Liverpool
Possible practitioner: FRED ASH (Frederic Joseph Ash 1861-1929)
Operating dates: 1915-1940 at this address
References: See the main entry for Fred Ash above


Address: 83 Stratford Road Manchester.
Possible practitioner: PIKE,
Operating dates: 1904
References: The Era - Saturday 17 December 1904 P27. "Wanted Sticky Backs on sharing terms in good positions Bradford and Manchester. Applicants must be able to provide everything except room and gas. Room for other novs on same terms. Pike, 83 Stratford Road Manchester."

Address: 5 Marsden Square, Manchester 1909 and 84 Market Street Manchester 1909-11
Possible practitioner: GROSSI, SPIRIDIONE
Operating dates: 1909-1911
References: Liverpool Directories show Spiridione Grossi as a photographer at: 5 Marsden Square, Manchester 1909 and 84 Market Street Manchester 1909-11

Address: 54 Market Street, Manchester
Possible practitioner: REED, CHARLES JOHN STEWART and ALLAN, WALLACE EDWARD, trading as "Sticky-Backs"
Operating dates: c. 1910
References: David Simkin, in his excellent site on Sussex Photographers, has uncovered much of the material on this page. David links Spiridione Grossi with two other photographers, Charles John Stewart Reed and Wallace Edward Allan who operated a photographic studio at 54 Market Street, Manchester under the name of "Sticky-Backs" in 1910. The partnership between Reed and Allan was dissolved in January 1911 (London Gazette Publication date: 6 January 1911 Issue: 28454 Page:153) and from that date Charles John Stewart Reed took control of the "Sticky-Backs" firm. David makes the link on the firm's name, the proximity of this address to Spiridione's business in at 84 Market Street Manchester in 1909-11, and the fact that an electrical engineer named Charles John Reed resided close to Spiridione's Brighton studio in 1911. (

Address: 40 King Street (1899-1915) 70A Market Street (1913-1914), 10 Corporation Street (1928-1939) Manchester
Possible practitioner: FRED ASH (Frederic Joseph Ash 1861-1929)
Operating dates: 1899-1939 at this address
References: See the main entry for Fred Ash above

Address: 61 Piccadilly Manchester, Foxhall Square, Blackpool
Possible practitioner: William. H. FELLOWS Electric Studios.
Operating dates: 1901-2
References: According to Gillian Jones "Lancashire Professional Photographers 1840-1940" W.H.Fellows was at 13 Tyldesley Road Blackpool 1895-1898 then William H Fellows was at at 61 Piccadilly Manchester 1897-1901. No further trace has been found of the firm. The first photograph below of an unknown lady is a midget carte de visite. 1.5 x 2.5 inches on a cream mount. The actual photograph measures 1.3 x 2 inches. On the face is written "W.H.Fellows Electric Studios Manchester and Blackpool". On the reverse is written "Keepsake W.H.Fellows Electric Studios 61 Piccadilly Manchester also Foxhall Square Blackpool." Use of the word "Keepsake" suggests this was an early attempt to target new markets with inexpensive products. The second example below is 2.5 x 1.4 inches on a thick paper mount. The actual photo of an unknown young woman measures 1.25 x 2 inches. The mount has on the face "Electric Light Studio, W.H.Fellows Blackpool". The reverse is blank, and may possibly have originally been gummed. On the left hand side of the photograph there is a trace of a negative or job number, which might have been a physical number within the field of the photograph or could have been added by some sort of in-camera numbering device.


Address: Manchester, South Beach Blackpool, 163 St James' Street, Burnley.
Possible practitioner: Cooper & Sons, H Cooper - see under Blackpool


See Samuel WOLSTENHOLME Entry above listed under Blackpool


Address: 49 Fishergate
Possible practitioner: Not currently known
Operating dates: 1910
References: Lancashire Evening Post - Tuesday 29 November 1910 p8. " Wanted. Young lady about 17, wages 5s, apply after 4, Sticky Backs 49 Fishergate".

Address: 151 Church Street.
Possible practitioner: Not currently known
Operating dates: - 1920
References: Lancashire Evening Post (pub in Preston) - Tuesday 09 November 1920 , p2. "Girl wanted just left school, for cash desk, Stickybacks 151 Church Street". Artist and photographer Paul Jackson has published on a stickyback photograph from this studio of a relation, Amy Williams Shaw, you can see this here.

Address: 91B Fishergate, Preston
Possible practitioner: FRED ASH (Frederic Joseph Ash 1861-1929)
Operating dates: c,1898-1901 at this address
References: See the main entry for Fred Ash above

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Address: 27, London Street, Southport
Possible practitioner: GROSSI, SPIRIDIONE
Operating dates: 1915-16
References: In the Liverpool Echo, 29 May 1915 page 2, Spiridione Grossi advertised: “Gentleman requires shop in best centre of Southport for summer months for photographic business. Will pay double rent in advance”. It is likely that this advert succeeded as a short let of commercial property during WW1 would have been relatively easy to secure. In May 1916 when he submitted one of his patent applications, Spiridione gave an address at: 27, London Street, Southport. These might have been business premises secured by Spiridione’s advertisement – probably on a short lease as, by 1917, No 27 London Street was occupied by a firm of auctioneers and estate agents.


Address: 23 Upper Dicconson Street, Wigan
Possible practitioner:MADDOCK, Samuel.
Operating dates: c.1907
References: The British Journal of Photography 29 November 1907 p.ii carries an advertisement "Branch Manageresss for midget studio to operate and finish. Salary and commission. Apply S.Maddock 23 Upper Dicconson St, Wigan". Gillian Jones, Lancashire Professional Photographers 1840-1940 records Samual Maddock as a photographer at 89 Cemetery Rd, Southport 1901-1905.

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